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Disorganised Elegance

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Beautifully unique jewellery

Beautiful designs, capturing energy and movement. Handcrafted luxury jewellery.

Contemporary award winning design

Handmade, sophisticated and beautifully imperfect.


‘I wear my beautiful ring every day’

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Remodel your heirloom jewellery to give a fresh, modern twist to precious memories.

Bring the past alive

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Karen Phillips is an independent jewellery designer who has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. She has worked extensively around the world, including in Hong Kong, Jakarta and New York. She describes her work as Disorganised Elegance and likens it to painting a picture. In her bespoke work each strand of 18ct gold is attached separately to build up a truly unique piece that is as individual as it is luxurious. Karen is very approachable and invites clients to contact her personally for a bespoke jewellery service, where the journey is as enjoyable as the completed piece. Her work has been described by the Goldsmiths’ Company as having a voice of its own.

‘Thank you — the whole process has been fabulous, and the ring is so beautiful. I love it!’

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