Memories heirloom bespoke jewellery design

Often clients come to us with jewellery that has been handed down to them from parents or grandparents. These treasures have special meanings and memories attached to them, but may feel old-fashioned or simply not to the client’s taste. Karen enjoys the challenge of reinventing these pieces.

By updating settings and redesigning the style of the jewellery, older pieces can be given a new lease of life for the next generation, and special memories can live on. 

diamond ring
diamond band

‘The original ring was saved up for by Chris’s dad Gordon to celebrate 25 years of marriage to mum Jean, 1951-1976. Gordon sadly passed away in 1997 just days before we found out we were expecting our first son, Ollie. Jean gave us her treasured ring in our 25th year of marriage, but as it didn’t fit me it ended up being hidden away. Jean moved to live with us before we lost her in 2016, aged 86. Missing her so much made us both want to do something special with her ring so I could wear it daily. Chris and I love its new look — wedding, engagement and eternity all in one, and it tells the story of the flow of the river of life. Thanks, Karen — a fabulous job.’ S Dewe, London

bespoke jewellery design
bespoke jewellery design
remodeled jewellery

Kate was handed down a beautiful garnet ring from her great-grandmother. She has clear memories of her grandmother wearing it when she was a child, and she was greatly attached to these memories. We were able to use two of the ring’s garnets to make a pair of earrings for Kate, and surrounded another garnet with diamonds to create a pendant necklace, which she gave to her daughter for her 18th birthday. One ring…worn by five generations of women.


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Karen offers a full heirloom and bespoke service. If you don’t have your own jewels, she will work with you to source whatever you require.